My Animal Personality

I would best represent an elephant because it’s the most amazing animal alive. They’re calm and friendly and can remember everything. And are individual amazing creatures. I would hope to one day remember as well as them they can remember even the slightest thing. I love elephants and will one day be as awesome as them.


Refugee lego

This is a picture of my Lego that describes what happened in the book refugee chapter 35. I think that this was a great project and I had fun making it I think I was really creative when I used the Lego blocks for people. This shows when Iván was getting bitten by sharks and dies.


welcome refugee project

This project is a way to help and support refugees to a better place.

I like this project because its a way to show you care and that your place is their place to.

I hope you enjoy this project just as much as I have.